Modified and private mark

Modified and private mark

One of our additional esteems is the customization of chocolate items and their bundling. We can make chocolate items that will totally satisfy your necessities. private label chocolate manufacturers We concentrate on the B2B showcase and have a genuine can-do mindset.

Regardless of whether it is a private mark item, that needs superb bundling which fits your brands picture or tweaked items with new craftsmanship.

Private mark items

When we say our chocolate items can be made into private mark items, we mean only that. We can create chocolate coins, smaller than usual bars and strong formed chocolates for any brand, under any private name, utilizing any formula, and by incorporating any work of art outline. Along these lines we can alter everything to our clients wishes.

Modified chocolate coins

Alongside private name items we likewise offer totally tweaked chocolate coins. Steenland Chocolate has a rich history of making coins, emblems, substantial coins and ingots utilizing tailor-made outlines. Not just we have more than 10.000 diverse embellishment outlines in stock. We likewise have our own mouldmaker here at Steenland Chocolate. Who has involvement with etching molds for over 10 years. This in-house arrangement makes making new shape simple and conceivable without prior warning at low expenses.

With us you can plan your own customized chocolate coins. We can make your chocolate coins in any size, and utilizing a 2D engrave or a lavish 3D embellishment with extraordinary profundity and flawlessly formed subtle elements. We offer almost boundless outline flexibility. By that, we can create your modified chocolate coins, decorations, emblems and ingots in an assortment of aluminum thwart hues/plans.

In the event that you like to utilize your own chocolate, we are cheerful to suit that. Steenland Chocolate ensures top notch chocolate coins with extremely exact engravings.

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