Hy Guys my name is MT and I am back with my New Episode of Meri Durga Fan Fiction story “Naya Safar Naye Log”. Last time all of you like my Episode So that is the reason I have returned to exhaust you(joke separated). Last time we perceived how charmingly durga – sovereign battle with one another and the Romantic Squences are ohhh… words for it and Guess what Sam find in the room…….???. So we should begin our story without squandering a period and chakar as well.

The Episode begin with Sam remaining on the entryway where he saw Durga in Prince arms.Sam got furious and yell Durga…..what is this???

Sovereign said : Ek minute Sam I will disclose to you the entire story wait……  Meri Durga what’s more, Sam move from the place…..Arti smiles…..(Ab aaya Maja Haa….durga tera amusement over ) ha ha….

Scene 1

In the Morning Durga woke up at his home ( Prince drop durga at his home with the assistance Amrita di in the Midnight ) Durga is having a headche in his mind she call Amrita di she say : di mein yaha kese??

Amrita di : Nasha utra ya aur lau 2-4 aur gataka liyo kyu? furthermore, she giggle Ha Ha….

Durga said : Par di mein tho woh school mein……..thi na….

In between….

Amrita stated: Bus muje sab pata hai sovereign ne muje sab samja diya tha and afterward she contemplates the gathering night and ruler…

She said to Her : Yeh kya hooo raha hai Muje uff….and tu na durga unadulterated Polimer TV ke unadulterated pagal ho chuke hai….and she gone to prepare for school.

Durga reach to school where she saw Sam and she go close to Him. Where Sam disregard her…

Durga said : what happened Sam ?? why are you so peculiar ??

He Replied : Sach mein tumhe kuch nahi pata?

She said : Nahi kyu esa kya hua tha kal raat ??

Sam stated: Like truly Durga this is sufficient in a ( louder voice)and he move from the place and Durga take after her.

Arti saw them two and grin gradually slowly………and upbeat from her inward side…..other side Durga yell Sam Sam…. in any case, he didn’t give her any sort of replay and Move on.

Durga said : Chal chod baad mein Baat karenge….iss se tho….

Scene 3

Everybody is in a classroom doing and droning something yet Durga is very where Prince saw Durga little befuddle.

He stated: Durga Hisss…..Hiss…..Durgaaaa….Kya hua woh abhi tek naraz hai kya ( In image and quiet ) at a minute instructor entered in a class Mrs. Roshini

She said : Today we will complete a task on social welfare theme.

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