The Making of a S&R Denim Co Jacket

A concise peer inside S&R Denim Co creation..

Individuals frequently address why our items cost more than an article of clothing made abroad, and ideally this will give a little knowledge into our interest in each bit of attire we deliver. This is the first of a three section arrangement, in future posts we will experience the generation procedure of our overskirts, and additionally expound of the real sewing ventures for every item. This initially post is a review of the whole generation handle.

We make made-to-request coats and vests for men and ladies, all in our little studio here in Vancouver, BC, Canada. With each request, the client can pick their texture, sewing shading, catch and bolt shading, hood or neckline, liner texture, and extra pockets. custom denim rivets manufacturer Each coat and vest is produced using start to finish by our little group, and even with the standard rundown of customization decisions, each coat ends up plainly remarkable in view of the mix of subtle elements picked by the client.

Screen Shot 2016-01-17 at 2.43First, we’ll bounce ideal to a case of what we make. The following is our Men’s Hooded Denim Jacket in coffee darker denim with a charcoal denim burden (shoulders) and light charcoal liner. This coat additionally had the option of in-crease outside hand pockets at the hip, and in addition inside capacity pockets at the lap.

The coat arrange comes in either through our site, by email, or for this situation the customer was from Vancouver and came in for an individual fitting in our studio.

Shaun Layton JacketNext, we pull the examples. We’re onto our fourth release of our coat and vest designs, making alterations, increments and updates en route. This year we’ve again amended the fit in the mens designs, rolled out a few improvements to the development of both the mens and womens pieces of clothing, and in addition added new elements to all styles, for example, in-crease hand pockets and inside capacity pockets.

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