Law Enforcement August Traffic Safety Campaigns

Nebraska Law Enforcement August Traffic Safety Campaigns

Law authorization in Nebraska have ventured up their activity security implementation this August 2013 under two Campaigns: “Back to School” and “You Drink and Drive. You Lose.” Both of these battles are subsidized by select stipends from the Nebraska Office of Highway Safety (NOHS). The objectives of the two crackdowns are to build police nearness, bring issues to light and decrease accidents, wounds and fatalities. Do your part: drive securely around schools and never drink and drive.


As indicated by the Nebraska Office of Highway Safety (NOHS) site, the organization is:

In charge of creating and executing powerful techniques to diminish the state’s movement related damage and casualty rates. These systems may appear as remain solitary tasks, exercises, as well as more complete long haul programs. Nebraska traffic school Both customary and imaginative methodologies are urged and used to help the NOHS objectives … The NOHS is in charge of the organization of the Federal Highway Safety reserves and for encouraging the Highway Safety Programs bolstered by these assets.

NOHS does numerous things to help law authorization and different offices diminish vehicle accidents, wounds and fatalities.

“School year kickoff” CAMPAIGN

Starting August 18, 2013, through August 30, 2013, the Lincoln Police Department (LPD) will lead its yearly “Class kickoff” activity authorization venture. This undertaking is supported by an allow from NOHS. This subsidizing will permit the arrangement of extra movement officers every day around all open and parochial schools in Lincoln. The expressed motivation behind the “Class kickoff” venture is “activity and person on foot security.”

LPD, in a public statement, expressed:

Officers will be doled out to look for all petty criminal offenses, including drivers speeding through school zones, vehicles driving past school transport cautioning gadgets (blazing lights with stop arms) and resistance with safety belt laws. There will be strict requirement of the “25 MPH” blazing yellow school zones. Fines over $600 could be exacted for speeding infringement through a school zone amid the seasons of operation.

Drivers are forewarned to know about the glimmering yellow lights and obey speed constrains around the different basic and center schools.

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