How to gain weight in one month easily


How to gain weight in one month is a tough question to answer but not impossible. Though it is a terrible idea because you have to consume additional 70,000 calories in the course of 1 month. Eating that amount of food is a difficult process to make you lethargic. Why are you looking for How to gain weight in one month? Because of the fact that healthier people live longer. Also, the healthier weight will give hotter and smarter look to your body. If you really want an answer about How to gain weight in one month I assure you can do it easily by following my simple tips.

For healthy weight gain, eat more veggies and fruits that are rich in carbs, proteins, fats and calcium. There are a lot of ideas to gain weight like McDonalds and all other junk foods and sweets as well, but I will recommend a healthy lifestyle in the long run to make you stronger. You should gain more muscle mass for better health, don’t just fatty weight.

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How to gain weight in one month by eating healthily:

First of all, try to eat regularly. Have three bigger meals along with additional 3 snacks per day. Every meal should contain more than 700 calories within it. Adding that extra pounds can take time but you can achieve it by eating high-caloric food, which is nutrient-dense as well. Do exercise to boost your appetite for the reason of gaining weight.  Work out in the gym or at home with simple methods to look fluffier than ever. Add leafy vegetables, fruits, dates, nuts, milk, dry fruits and dairy products to gain weight. The main focus should be on rice, meat, chicken, soybean, butter and ghee.


If you want to know that how to gain weight in one month you must have to know that heaviest and strongest meal should be your breakfast. Have at least 300ml of milk, 7 dates, 2 bananas, 4 boiled eggs and 3 chapattis or its equivalent bread and fresh juices.

Pre-lunch Snack:

Have a snack at almost 11:30 am. You can have a sandwich, brownies or cake with tea, bread with peanut butter, dates with milk, or potatoes with ketchup.


If you are searching for how to gain weight in one month you should increase your capacity to eat healthy and high-caloric meals. Try Russian salad, rice, cheese, butter, yogurt, corn bread, pasta, whole wheat bread, oats, potatoes and chicken breast for your lunch.

Post-lunch snack:

Try chocolate, coffee, fruit juice, smoothie or milkshake for your post-lunch snack.

Post-lunch workout:

Exercise for 45 minutes daily and do an evening walk for 2kms, in the fresh atmosphere. 


Don’t neglect the power of dinner for weight gain if you are looking for how to gain weight in one month. Use different meal ideas for your dinner to make it tasty and healthy. Add Soybean, seeds, nuts, shrimps, mango shake, date shake, and sweets to your dinner. 

Post-dinner snack:

You can have different ideas for your post-dinner snack too. You can have grilled chicken and salad, cheese sandwich, pasta with red sauce, or fish for your late night snack. You must have to drink one glass of milk if you want to gain the incredible amount of weight.


Have a good sleep after dinner, because good sleep is needed to digest your food in a proper way. Good sleep enables your body to pick all the nutrients from the food quickly, which aids in weight gain. In my opinion gaining weight is most enjoyable and awesome task.

Got the idea about How to gain weight in one month? Do enjoy!!

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