Environmental, Health and Safety Audits – Tips For Success!

Since the early 1970’s, private industries have recognized the advantages of conducting environmental, health & safety audits at the regulated facilities of theirs. Generally, the objective of an environmental, health & safety audit is actually to ensure compliance with the assortment of environmental, health and safety regulations which have been promulgated by the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), and numerous other federal, hometown agencies and state. Additionally, contemporary audits include the implementation of environmental health as well as safety control methods like ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 and adherence to business standards or perhaps guidelines. For an environmental, health & safety review to achieve success, the writer has the following tips:

A lead auditor should be assigned. This particular individual is going to have the main responsibility for assembling the audit staff, defining the range of the Environmental Auditing, preparing the agenda as well as inspection program, reviewing the draft report, and following up with any needed corrective methods after conclusion of the inspection.

A major website contact is going to need to be assigned. In the majority of cases, this contact is going to be an environmental, health & an individual or safety supervisor with the same duties. This particular individual ought to have access to other necessary environmental, health & safety captures as well as permits, and must have unimpeded access to every bodily location of the facility. Additionally, confirm that the main website contact communicates with probably the highest ranking member of management at the web site regarding the audit as well as the routine of its. Practically nothing leads to much more of an uproar than doing an environmental, health as well as safety audit at a facility where the senior management staff is actually not aware of the occurrence of its. Naturally, in case the company of yours has a policy which “surprise audits” are appropriate then that is a unique story.

Pre-planning for an environmental, health & safety audit is as crucial as the inspection itself. A lot of the good results of an environmental, health & safety audit application will depend upon mindful preparation. No less than 2 days before the on site tasks, the lead auditor ought to prepare as well as disperse an agenda to all involved personnel, like the website contact.

Provide a summary of requested applications as well as files to the website contact. Copies of the documents must be obtained by the audit staff nicely in advance of the on site pursuits. Vital files to be incorporated on this list are actually regulatory permits including air permits, wastewater permits, radioactive materials licenses, storm water permits, etcetera. Written packages and connected training components for regulatory programs including hazard communication, substance hygiene, breathing safety, bloodborne pathogens, and hazardous waste management. In case you’re unsure if any of those applications apply to a certain facility, be sure include it on the list as well as offer the respondent with the “not applicable” feature. For bigger facilities, getting a website map might additionally be beneficial.

Review written files. The quantity of time you are going to have on site will typically be restricted to one week or even less. For bigger facilities you need to make use of your on site time wisely. To the extent possible, review as a lot of the written documenst before the on site pursuits. Make notes of items that are very important things that you are going to want to confirm throughout the on site pursuits. Just before the on site tasks, become reacquainted with very important regulatory requirements, and local requirements and review state

Review publicly accessible databases for site regulatory info. Go on line to the different regulatory databases maintained by State agencies, EPA, and OSHA to see historical info on regulatory inspections, air emissions, hazardous waste generation, etc. What you are searching for is actually determining the site’s regulatory history and some previous history of violations. When violations have taken place in the past, when on site you’ll need confirm that methods are actually in place to stop repeat violations.

Refine the agenda. In line with the review of the documents, refine the agenda to ensure that there’s sufficient time to write the review of the things where there might be areas or worries places where there might be higher risk. Do not throw away the precious on site period of yours on problems that are trivial.
Be sure that the main website contact has dedicated proper time. Absolutely nothing is a lot more frustrating for an audit staff than to have a main website contact which is always leaving to go attend several other meetings or even perform other tasks. Along with dedicating enough time for the review staff, the main website contact must also reserve a conference room of enough size, has internet access, and may be anchored immediately. During a review you’ll be working long hours and reviewing numerous very sensitive papers. You do not wish to waste time having to pack up the resources of yours at the conclusion of every day.

As soon as on site, conduct an opening conference. Individuals which must be at this particular opening conference feature the audit staff, the main website contact, major operational personnel, and in case free, the site supervisor. Of the opening conference introductions must be made, the agenda assessment, the intent behind the audit assessment, critical routine products, as well as the timing of the closing conference. Additionally, website personnel must signify in case any specific tasks are taking place which will stop them from being readily available for questions.
Immediately after the opening conference, I typically love to take a short tour of the facility. This particular tour shouldn’t be of any major information, but much more of a tour to understand the facility. Make notes of places which you are going to want to go back to for a far more comprehensive examination.

Compare claims made in applications and plans with real documents & routines. Discrepancies between the 2 might be a sign of system gaps.
At the conclusion of every day the inspection staff must connect with the main website contact to discuss some unanswered questions. Provide the main website communication with a summary of prospective findings or maybe places which need additional investigation. In instances that are numerous , these things might be solved by simply finding the appropriate documents.

On the evening prior to the closing conference, plan on it being a great deal of evening. You are going to want to make a draft list of inspection findings. Audit results must be written as accurate as they can. Stay away from very subjective terms for example “all”, “poor”, “many”, or perhaps “inadequate.” Provide evidence to allow for the findings. In case additional study is recommened, state therefore.
Conduct the closing conference. On the last day of the audit, a closing conference must be conducted. It’s desirable that the exact same attendees which were to the opening seminar be present. Of the closing seminar the inspection staff ought to thank everybody for their cooperation and time, all draft review findings must be assessed, crucial issues must be voiced, along with a routine & distribution list for the draft report must be suggested. It’s vital that each finding that is going to be in the draft report be offered. Generally there shouldn’t be some surprise finding in the draft report.

Prepare as well as post the draft report to the distribution list for review. Be sure that the distribution of the draft review report is actually controlled. Sometimes where you will find important regulatory findings, e mail distributed of the draft report needs to be stayed away from. Hard copies of the draft report, sent through over nighttime express shipping might be desirable. In case generally there are actually important regulatory findings, check with your company’s legal counsel just before distributing.

Following comment and review of the draft report, finalize the article and make a corrective action program. This’s the most crucial component of any inspection. Given that deficiencies have been discovered, remedial actions should be performed. A procedure for keeping track of the conclusion of all findings, the goal, as well as the responsible person(s) is essential. Failure to correct discovered deficiencies in a regular could stand for a major liability to the business. Easy and inexpensive remedial action software systems are actually readily available and must be regarded as a must have for any environmental, health & safety inspection plan.

To conduct an environmental, health & safety audit is an invaluable tool for enhancing the EH&S overall performance at a certain location. Nevertheless, to be effective the inspection staff and site personnel should very carefully arrange the audit, as well as make certain that ample follow up is conducted on remedial actions to be done.

Dean M. Calhoun, CIH is actually the President of Affygility Solutions and has more than twenty five plus years of professional environmental, health & safety knowledge. Affygility Solutions offers environmental, health & safety services as well as compliance management application to the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and medical device industry. Mr. Calhoun has really performed dozens of audits at pharmaceutical and biotechnology research facilities and manufacturing plants. Along with offering environmental, health & safety audits, Affygility Solutions offers manufacturing hygiene, occupational toxicology, powerful combination security, occupational exposure limits, and containment validation services. Affygility Solutions flagship product known as Affytrac is actually a basic, inexpensive application to help environmental, health & safety supervisors of the life science business control compliance job management, corrective actions, as well as powerful substances.

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