What Should be Done if there is Confusion about the Beginning of the Month?

Ahmad stated: “If there is disarray about the start of the month, one should quick for three days, to make sure of fasting on the ninth and tenth days.” [Al-Mughni by Ibn Qudamah, section 3 – as-Siyam – Siyam ‘Ashur’]

On the off chance that a man does not know when Muharram started, and he needs to make sure of fasting on the tenth, he ought to expect that Dhul-Hijjah was thirty days – just like the typical run – and should quick on the ninth and tenth. Whoever needs to make certain of fasting the ninth also should quick the eight, ninth and tenth (at that point if Dhul-Hijjah was twenty-nine days, he can make certain of having fasted Tasu’a’ and ‘Ashura’).

In any case, given that fasting on ‘Ashura’ is mustahabb as opposed to wajib, individuals are not directed to search for the sickle of the new moon of Muharram as they are to do on account of Ramadhan and Shawwal.

Fasting ‘Ashura’ – For What Does it Offer Expiation?

Imam a Nawawi (may Allah show kindness toward him) stated: “It appeases for every minor sin, i.e., it brings absolution of all transgressions aside from significant sins.” Then he said (may Allah show benevolence toward him): “Fasting the day of ‘Arafah appeases for a long time, and the day of ‘Ashura’ appeases for one year. On the off chance that when a man says ‘Amin’ it matches with the ‘Amin’ of the blessed messengers, he will be pardoned all his past sins … Each something that we have said will bring reparation. https://aryqtv.tv/ On the off chance that there are minor sins for which appeasement is required, reparation for them will be acknowledged; if there are no minor sins or real sins, great deeds will be added to his record and he will be brought up in status … If he had conferred significant sins however no minor sins, we trust that his real sins will be lessened.” [Al-Majmu’ Sharh al-Muhadhdhab, section 6, Sawm Yawm ‘Arafah]

Shaykh ul-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah (ay Allah show kindness toward himmay Allah show benevolence toward him) stated: “Taharah, salah, and fasting in Ramadhan, upon the arrival of ‘Arafah and on ‘Ashura’ appease for minor sins as it were.” [Al-Fatawa al-Kubra, section 5]

Not Relying Too Much on the Reward for Fasting

A few people who are hoodwinked depend excessively on things like fasting on ‘Ashura’ or the day of ‘Arafah, to the degree that some of them say, “Fasting on ‘Ashura’ will appease for the transgressions of the entire year, and fasting upon the arrival of ‘Arafah will bring additional prizes.” Ibn al-Qayyim stated: “This confused individual does not realize that fasting in Ramadhan and imploring five times each day are substantially more essential than fasting upon the arrival of ‘Arafah and ‘Ashura’, and that they appease for the wrongdoings between one Ramadhan and the following, or between one Friday and the following, insofar as one stays away from real sins. In any case, they can’t appease for minor sins unless one likewise keeps away from real sins; when the two things are assembled, they have the quality to appease for minor sins. Among those swindled individuals might be one who feels that his great deeds are more than his transgressions, since he doesn’t focus on his awful deeds or mind his wrongdoings, yet in the event that he completes a decent deed he recollects that it and depends on it. This resembles the person who looks for Allah’s absolution with his tongue (i.e., by words just), and commends Allah by saying “Subhanallah” one hundred times each day, at that point he defames about the Muslims and defamations their respect, and talks throughout the day about things that are not satisfying to Allah. This individual is continually pondering the ideals of his tasbihat (saying “Subhanallah”) and tahlilat (saying “La ilaha illallah”) however he gives careful consideration to what has been accounted for concerning the individuals who defame, tell lies and criticism others, or confer different sins of the tongue. They are totally misled.” [Al-Mawsu’ah al-Fiqhiyyah, section 31, Ghurur]

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