Apple could adopt USB Type C input on the next iphone

A rumor never heard before: the next Apple iphone could adopt the USB type-C input. To give the news it would seem to have been the Wall Street Journal, therefore a particularly reliable source. If so, the future smartphones of the famous brand from Apple bitten could lose the typical lightning. This could reduce the charging time of iphones, also seen the progress achieved by various manufacturers thanks to the above type of connector.

Being a rumor nothing is certain at the time. It would be a rather unusual move that would see Apple perform an action outside the scheme. The brand for years Paladin of its proprietary standards, could adapt to the connector already present on many Android devices. It is also true that in Cupertino the USB type-C has already made its appearance. The MacBook line has this type of input, which is used for both charging and file transfer operations. Despite the awkwardness of having to buy adapters to connect other devices, this solution proved to be a success from the point of view of the speed of charging. This may have prompted Apple to opt for this choice on the new iphone.

What has been disclosed by the WSJ remains ambiguous. It is possible that the type-C will be adopted for the other end of the cable that we will find inside the package. This is to entice users to load the device by connecting it to the MacBook or to buy new adapters. You just have to wait for new rumors to confirm or they will eventually disprove what is said about upcoming Apple devices.


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