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Aks, has been a piece of numerous debates as far back as its promos were propelled a month prior. There has been very alot of mud-throwing between the creation house and the author’s group of an on-going novel passing by a similar name.

At that point, it was required to replace “Meri Laadli”, the as of late finished up most noteworthy TRP grosser (10.1) on Saturdays, however was rather settled upon to supplant “Mera Yakeen” which was currently moved, to the pined for end of the week timeslot with much better prospects.

At any rate, so its best to watch the primary scene of a show with no pre-imagined ideas. You never truly know, what may wind up astounding you and finding you, napping.

Aks is the narrative of Zakiya and her better half Ismail and their three little girls, Zohra, Zooni and Sadia. You might need to ask at that point, what’s new in this? All things considered, , Ismail is Zakiya’s second spouse and the stepfather to Zohra and Zooni. Ary digital dramas Sadia is the progression sister of the two senior kin.

This family setup in spite of the fact that structures the essential establishment to the storyline. Be that as it may, there’s a greater bend in the story.

Zohra is the miss prude two shoes that we are so acquainted with in dramatizations and afterward there’s Zooni, the narrow minded and cash loving person that has insatiability composed everywhere on her. She just acknowledges Zohra and Zakiya as a component of her family and detests Sadia and Ismail,from the center of her heart.

Ismail needs Zohra and Zooni to get hitched in his piece of the family and Zakiya chooses to leave everything to him. Zohra has no issues however Zooni doesn’t attempt to shroud her dismay about the entire course of action.

To add more fuel to the fire, enters Shah Bano. Who’s she now?

Shah Bano’s none other than our own one of a kind Zakiya’s repelled senior sister, who’s additionally the reason for all her hopelessness throughout the years. Zakiya has separated all ties with her as well as couldn’t care less about her reality.

Shah Bano chooses to display her riches before Zooni and furthermore expands her officially existing longings for a profoundly sumptuous life and wealthty environment. This prompts the encounter of Zakiya and Zooni. Zooni, sees no wrong in getting nearer to her missing auntie yet Zohra is gotten unconscious by the entire situation. Who would it be advisable for her to bolster? Her future or her present?

Aks, composed by Sarwat Nazir has shades of Umera Ahmed’s as of late finished up, ‘Maat’. There is uncanny likeness between the characters of Zooni and Saman here also. The star cast is rehashed once, as with some other A&B Production however atleast the selection of on-screen characters here, is agreeable.

In general, the performing artists are great however its something we’ve seen them all do some time recently. Aiza Khan as Zooni, is by all accounts yet another impression of her Aimen from ‘Zard Mausam’. Zhalay Sarhadi is once more doing another demonstration of her senior sister part as Madiha from ‘Madiha Maliha’. Saba Hameed leaves a significant effect as Shah Bano, yet there nothing surprising about her execution. Mohib Mirza as well, is doing another form of his different characters.

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